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Waves Ultimate gives you the most complete set of pro-quality audio plugins, anywhere: All vocal plugins. All mastering plugins. All analog-modeled plugins. All the compressors, all the EQs, all the effects, instruments and beyond: Everything and anything you might need for your mixes.

All Waves Plugins: Across-the-board software update to V15

  • New Features & Improvements in Waves V15
  • New: [StudioVerse Instruments](https://www.waves.com/plugins/studioverse-instruments) -a virtual instrument rack plugin where you can play from thousands of chains from the StudioVerse library, each combining layered instruments, MIDI FX and audio FX. Create & share your own instrument presets across DAWs, and publish them on StudioVerse.
  • Updated: StudioRack -now called [StudioVerse Audio Effects](https://www.waves.com/plugins/studioverse-audio-effects). We've optimized the search engine and added tags & suggested presets to a streamlined plugin window to help you find presets faster and hear results quickly. StudioVerse Audio Effects is backwards compatible with old StudioRack presets & sessions.
  • New in SSL G-Master Buss Compressor: High-pass sidechain filter added
  • New in H-Delay Hybrid Delay:
  • Dual Mode added for separate control of left and right delay times.
  • Choose whether ping-pong delays start from left or right.
  • New in all Waves plugins: MIDI Learn added, plus the ability to save MIDI map presets as a separate layer than plugin presets. (Please note that this feature has not been added in Audio Unit hosts [Mac] such as Logic, Digital Performer and Luna.) [Learn more here](https://www.waves.com/support/how-to-control-waves-plugins-with-midi-in-your-daw).
  • New in all Waves plugins: Favorites Presets -Save and manage your favorite settings and access them easily through the Preset Browser.
  • New in over 70 plugins ([see full list](https://www.waves.com/support/how-to-lock-input-and-mix-values-on-preset-load)): You can now lock the Input and Dry/Wet parameters when scrolling through presets, for seamless A/B comparison.
  • New: Plugins added to popular bundles
  • Mercury: Nx Virtual Mix Room, Spherix.
  • Horizon: CLA Unplugged, Greg Wells PianoCentric, Key Detector, Magma Springs, Manny Marroquin Triple D, Nx Virtual Mix Room, Retro Fi, Lofi Space, Spherix, Voltage Amps.
  • Diamond: CLA Unplugged, Greg Wells PianoCentric, Key Detector, Magma Springs, Manny Marroquin Triple D, Nx Virtual Mix Room, Retro Fi, Lofi Space, Spherix, Voltage Amps.
  • Platinum: CLA Unplugged, Greg Wells PianoCentric, Key Detector, Magma Springs, RetroFi, Lofi Space, Voltage Amps.
  • Gold: Key Detector, Magma Springs, Voltage Amps.
  • New: Hi-res HiDPI graphic interfaces added for CLA Epic, CLA EchoSphere, Scheps 73 and H-Comp Hybrid Compressor.
  • Improved: Abbey Road plugins have been renamed for easy access: All plugin names now start with "Abbey Road."
  • New: You will now receive notification through the plugin hamburger menu when updates are available.
  • New: You will now receive notification via plugins before Waves Creative Access subscription licenses expire or require resync for offline systems: [Learn more](https://www.waves.com/support/license-expiration-message-offline-systems).
  • New: Presets by Nir Z added to Abbey Road Chambers, Abbey Road Reverb Plates, Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain, BB Tubes, CLA Mixhub, Magma Tube Channel Strip, OVox, SSL EV2 and SSL G Channel.
  • Improved: Artist presets previously featured on Waves.com added to GTR3 ToolRack.
  • VST2 support has not been updated in the latest version of our software and will not be available in future releases.
  • Bug fixes in all Waves plugins
  • Fixed: Bouncing instrument tracks offline in Reaper will not result with muted instruments.
  • Fixed: The space bar now operates correctly in Pro Tools, even after text entry, while the transport is in play.
  • Fixed: Maschine and Komplete Kontrol knobs maintain stability and do not jitter when using the mouse in Logic while Waves plugins are active.
  • Fixed: The tab key operates correctly after text entry.
  • Bug fixes in individual plugins
  • Fixed in Abbey Road Saturator: Loading LV1 sessions with the Abbey Road Saturator inserted will no longer risk full-scale DC noise.
  • Fixed in Bass Fingers/Slapper: Exporting or freezing tracks in Cakewalk will no longer remove the first note.
  • Fixed in BB Tubes: Corrected latency report in some scenarios.
  • Fixed in CLA Epic: Delay times now respond to Undo/Redo.
  • Fixed in CLA Epic: Mix Lock state is now saved with the session.
  • Fixed in CLA Guitars: There is no noise when in Clean + Re-amp is On.
  • Fixed in CLA MixHub: No audio corruption when bypassing the Input module.
  • Fixed in Clarity Vx, Clarity Vx Pro, Clarity Vx DeReverb and Clarity Vx DeReverb Pro: Pro Tools will not freeze when logging in with a secondary account.
  • Fixed in CR8: Samples with Unicode in their name or path now load in drag and drop.
  • Fixed in Flow Motion: The first note in a MIDI part will play when using Pro Tools offline commit.
  • Fixed in GTR Stomp: Stomps will respond to Undo/Redo.
  • Fixed in H-Delay: Tap will set delay time in BPM mode.
  • Fixed in Kaleidoscopes: Corrected control surface mapping for Waves FIT and Avid controllers.
  • Fixed in Linear Phase Multiband Compressor: Corrected bypass audio path.
  • Fixed in Magma Springs: Corrected automation lane labels and values.
  • Fixed in Manny Marroquin Delay: Consistent stereo image after enabling Doubler.
  • Fixed in NLS: Corrected bypass audio path.
  • Fixed in Nx Germano Studios: Corrected control surface mapping.
  • Fixed in OVox: No audio corruption when writing automation in Reason.
  • Fixed in Renaissance Axx: Corrected bypass audio path.
  • Fixed in Scheps Omni Channel: Corrected control surface mapping.
  • Fixed in Scheps Omni Channel 2: Auto engage is now working properly when parameters are moved with MIDI learn.
  • Fixed in Scheps Omni Channel 2: DS2 module: Changing module order does not corrupt the listen audio path.
  • Fixed in Scheps Omni Channel 2: DS2: The sidechain listen control remains visually active after adjusting the frequency control while it is on.
  • Fixed in Scheps Omni Channel 2: Level will not drop when "Odd" saturation is engaged for the first time.
  • Fixed in Scheps Omni Channel 2: Modules' On/Off settings will not change when moving between Setup A/B and changing slots.
  • Fixed in Scheps Omni Channel 2: VST3 scan is now saved with previously opened instances of the plugin.
  • Fixed in Silk Vocal: Corrected thumbnail in live apps.
  • Fixed in SSL EV2: Corrected control surface mapping.
  • Fixed in TRACT: Control surface mapping for SuperRack and Avid controllers.
  • Fixed in Vocal Bender: Flatten accepts all notes in text entry.
  • Fixed in Waves Stream: Sender plugin will not crash upon sample rate change when the person receiving audio is using the web application.
  • Fixed in Waves Stream: No crash or hang will occur when the Receiver plugin is bypassed and the stream is terminated.
  • Fixed in Waves Tune: Globally removed the "ReWire is Missing" message, since ReWire is no longer supported on many systems.
  • Waves Central v15.0.2 is now available with the following updates:
  • V15 update and installation is available for all plugins and bundles.
  • Improved installation process bar.
  • Waves Essential installation is available from the Waves Creative Access page.
  • Added Second License filter.
  • Fixed: Offline installtion from external drive.
  • Fixed: Some bugs in Guided Tours.
  • Fixed: Graphic bugs.
Waves Ultimate 15 v24.06.24 WIN
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    Baiju T
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    Plz Avenger new version 

  7. Andrew
    26 June 2024 17:14

    can we get auto 11 bundle thanks

  8. zay
    26 June 2024 17:30

    I need help installing the plugin, is there any video of a tutoriral showing visual instructions?

    1. billybob68
      26 June 2024 18:49

       Waves Ultimate 15 v24.06.24 WIN-VR

      ∟ 1-Installer - 8,92 GB

      ∟ 2- Patch - 3,47 MB

      ∟ instructions.txt - 965 bytes

      ∟ WWW.4DOWNLOAD.NET.url - 130 bytesv

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  12. Ruz
    27 June 2024 11:23

    Thanks a lot.. I was able to install most of the plugins except some like Hybrid reverb, brauer motion, waves realtime tune, SSLE, SSLG, OMNI CHANNEL , SCHEPS 73, R-compressor, R channel.. 

    When I try to install I get the response


    I tried clearing the cache, restart the pc but no success in installing those particular plugins..

  13. Julio
    27 June 2024 14:03

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  14. Matei
    27 June 2024 17:19

    what is the pasworld??

  15. ams
    27 June 2024 20:10

    how to install

    1. Ruz
      28 June 2024 00:47

      Use zip app to extract the file.. password is 123456

      Install waves central and run.. choose offline installer and install whatever plugins you need. Then run the patcher.. done. 

      If you cannot install some plugins you like for some reason. Then connect to your internet and make a account.. and login..then click on install product.. choose the plugin you wish to download & install. Then run the patcher.. now you have installed all the plugins you like. Done.. 

      Hope it helps 

      Password is www.4download.net ( not 123456)

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  18. Bryan
    28 June 2024 04:58

    Hello, when I try to install it says "prepairing" but never start installing. I tried to wait, but I'm more than a hour waiting. Is it normal? What could be possible solutions for my problem?
    Thanks for the website, I appreciate it.

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    everytime im on the ofline installer i select a foler and nothing happens

  26. Quarter milli
    Quarter milli
    30 June 2024 02:42

    I tried installing, it only shows me abbey on my fl studio and it says installation failed, I don't know what to do, someone please provide answers

  27. Isaac
    30 June 2024 03:54

    " Installation failed please restart or contact support if repeats " at 1.8% when i try to install from the offline installer what should i do please ?

  28. gaby Bitemo
    gaby Bitemo
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