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ToneBoosters - All Plugin Bundle v1.2.4 Full version

The TB BusTools 3 bundle contains no less than 10 acclaimed, pro-level plug-ins that help you craft professionally-souding mixes. The plug-ins in this bundle were designed without compromise, intended to provide the maximum possible quality, creative effect, control and transparency over your audio assets.

The TB TrackEssentials 3 bundle contains a total of 8 work horse plug-ins that are low complexity, have (virtually) zero latency, and are easy to use for generic track processing tasks, live and in the studio. These 8 plug-ins are only available as bundle.

  • 21 high-quality plug-ins bundle
  • Mastering-grade compression and true-peak limiting (Barricade 4)
  • Improve, correct and customize your headphones (Morphit 4)
  • High-end, silky smooth, warm, lush reverberation (Reverb 4)
  •  Great supplement to stock DAW plug-ins
  •  Zero or low latency for live use
  •  Low CPU load
  •  Includes Ferox 3 tape simulator
  •  Includes Reverb 3
  •  Easy to use interface
  •  VST and AU format
  • And much MORE....