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UVI Falcon v2.5.3 Full version + Factory Library

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UVI Falcon v2.5.3 Full version + Factory Library
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Falcon is an advanced and truly unlimited hybrid instrument, bringing together an extensive collection of cutting-edge oscillators, effects, modulators and event processors and delivering them in a workflow-adaptive and highly-scriptable environment. Falcon allows you to create and manipulate sound with unparalleled precision and finesse, from basic sample slicing and synth design to extravagantly modulated multitimbral hybrids.

Mix and match sound sources using sampler-like key zones with sample-based or pure synthesis oscillators:
  • Each sample can be individually manipulated using timestretch and pitch-shift algorithms as well as granular synthesis from IRCAM. Loops can be sliced, chopped-up and mapped to the keyboard using the Slice oscillator.
  • 9 pure synthesis oscillators including virtual analog, wavetable, phase distortion, FM and additive type, and even physical modeling with the pluck oscillator

 Unique and powerful effects
Over 90 high-quality effects are at your disposal, categorized for easy navigation: Delays, Reverbs, Modulation, Filters, Equalizers, Amps and Stereo, Drive and Distortions, Dynamics, Analysis and more. Add effects at the patch level, as sends or even per note. Including Sparkverb, Thorus, an optimized convolution reverb and many, many more.

Rich sound means movement and Falcon can create it whenever and however you need it. AHD, Analog ADSR, Attack Decay, DAHDSR, Drunk, classic and parametric LFO, Multi Envelope and Step Envelope modulation generators all come standard and can be used to effect nearly anything in the Falcon environment. Create variation over time or on demand, drive your oscillators, effects or even other modulators, then add the most important parameters to the macro panel for clear and intuitive performance control.

Falcon's event processors provide control and analysis of the pre-synthesis phase of your sound, from manipulating incoming MIDI data to creating it algorithmically. Utilize factory processors such as an advanced Arpeggiator, Drum, bassline and euclidean sequencers, Micro Tuner, Chorder, Harmonizer, Strum simulator, MIDI Player, Unison and Shepard effects, or code your own from scratch with the powerful Lua scripting language.

Extensive, adaptable, Falcon's resizable HiDPI interface helps you easily focus on the task at hand with a clear and efficient workflow. From the Tree view where you can jump in and edit any aspect of your patch, to built-in browsers for files, favorites and modules, Falcon is built for speed. New features like User Templates and the Modulation Quick View are just a couple of the ways we're continuing to make Falcon faster and more powerful to use.

 Get the sound you want
Falcon comes with an expansive factory library of 1200+ presets and 500+ wavetables created by some of the most respected sound designers in the world - tap them for instant gratification or to inspire your own sound design. 

 Creative Hybrid Instrument
  • 16 oscillators, 90+ effects, modulation sources, MIDI processors with scripting in an expansive semi-modular sound design environment
  • Advanced sample engine with timestretch, pitch-shift, slicing and granular
  • Pure synthesis with subtractive, PM, FM, wavetable, additive and physical modeling

Windows: 450 MB | 928 MB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
  • UVI Falcon 2.5
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  1. Some_Other_Guy
    26 November 2021 17:12
    + 0 -
    Please upload Factory Library for Falcon!
    1. 4download
      27 November 2021 13:42
      + +1 -
  2. bullDANG
    26 November 2021 19:05
    + -1 -
    Hello...I cant seem to find the vst in ableton even after recanning...i do see the .dll file in my VST plugins folder. i can also open falcon in standalone mode...please could someone help me? Thank you
    1. piaozhen
      5 December 2021 21:45
      + 0 -
      me too, did you solve it
  3. jsotomay01
    26 November 2021 22:06
    + +2 -
    Is there a video that shows how to apply the UVI Falcon Factory Library?
    1. 4download
      27 November 2021 13:41
      + 0 -
  4. ODD TV
    27 November 2021 01:51
    + -1 -
    K!ll TH3 [email protected] & N3VER $L33P [email protected]!N MY FR13ND
  5. bandroca
    27 November 2021 10:11
    + +2 -
    Hi   Where can I find the UVI cracked player to use all these libraries ?
    1. 4download
      27 November 2021 13:41
      + +5 -
  6. Acerola
    27 November 2021 14:21
    + 0 -
    Massive thumbs up!

    Absolute unit. no_mouth
  7. daxy
    30 November 2021 17:04
    + +6 -
    Do you have the Mac version?
      7 December 2021 23:49
      + +3 -
      Bump request for mac version
  8. stevewilldoit3000
    1 December 2021 10:23
    + +1 -
    Re-up the link, it has been taken down :(
  9. StevanVinter
    2 December 2021 06:00
    + 0 -
    I checked on all sites. All Falcon downloads have some El Dorado virus. What's with that?
    I see no comments about it? I'm watching every possible Falcon bank being uploaded but I can't install Falcon itself. :)
    1. william
      2 December 2021 11:23
      + 0 -
      Really? I think the problem is only on your pc, because mine is running very well.
      1. StevanVinter
        3 December 2021 20:44
        + +1 -
        Yes man. :) That second .exe file that I should install. UVIEMU 1.0.8. I start downloading and then my antivirus warns me that UVIEMU 1.0.8. contains w32 El Dorado or something like that and it deletes it right away...
  10. fredrockestra
    12 December 2021 23:36
    + +5 -
    Mac version?
  11. carlostorm
    19 December 2021 03:30
    + +1 -
    As some people might be confusing the ProgramData folder with the ProgramFiles folder. For this reason, the licenses don't work really.

    Go to Start menu and type %ProgramData% in the search field and hit Enter. It will open the correct folder. Now, just copy the R2RUVI file and place it in the UVI\R2R folder.
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