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Mastering The Mix Bundle v1.8m for Windows

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Mastering The Mix Bundle v1.8m for Windows
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ANIMATE | Multi-purpose mixing plugin BASSROOM | Final Mix and Mastering EQ EXPOSE | Audio quality control application LEVELS | Mixing and metering audio plugin REFERENCE | Mixing and mastering utility plugin
We want your music to resonate with the people that listen and for it open doors to life changing opportunities. Our audio plugins are designed to help you get your music sounding better than ever. They've helped tens of thousands of music producers solve the hardest problems they face when mixing and mastering music. We know our plugins can do the same for you too!

 Mastering The Mix Collection Included:
  1. RESO - Dynamic Resonance Suppression
  2. ANIMATE - Multi-purpose mixing plugins (EXPAND, GROW, IGNITE, PUNCH)
  3. BASSROOM - Final Mix & Mastering EQ
  4. EXPOSE - Audio quality control StandAlone application
  5. LEVELS - Mixing & metering audio plugin
  6. MIXROOM - Intelligent & Versatile EQ
  7. REFERENCE - Mixing & mastering utility plugin

 RESO | Dynamic Resonance Suppression 
Excessive resonances ruin mixes, giving them a harsh and unpleasant sound. RESO helps you identify which specific frequencies are causing problems. It also guides you on how much reduction is needed to dynamically resolve the resonance without making your mix sound thin.

 ANIMATE | Multi-purpose mixing plugin 
ANIMATE helps you inject life into your mixes in a precise, versatile and colourful way. With four different movement modes, each with individual frequency assignments and mid/side functionality you’ll get your music popping out of the speakers precisely how you want.

 BASSROOM | Final Mix and Mastering EQ
The struggle for the perfect low-end is over. BASSROOM is a final mix and mastering EQ that helps beginners and pros nail their low-end in seconds. It does this by delivering exceptional sound quality and suggesting genre-specific EQ adjustments a great audio engineer in a world-class studio would make. 

 EXPOSE | Audio quality control application
Is your track release ready? Are you sure...? Too often music is released with technical issues that degrade the quality. With EXPOSE, it only takes a few seconds to make sure you deliver the best listening experience every time.

 LEVELS | Mixing and metering audio plugin
Ever felt that your music could have sounded better? There are so many technical details to focus on when mixing and mastering that mistakes are common. LEVELS has presets for CD, Club, Streaming, Youtube and more to help you make sure your music sounds great wherever its heard.

 MIXROOM | Intelligent and Versatile EQ Plugin
 MIXROOM is an intelligent EQ that guides you to set the perfect balance of richness and clarity whether you’re working on a vocal, a synth or mastering your music. MIXROOM analyses your audio and shows you which frequencies could be adjusted to improve your sound. The EQ target suggestion helps you get a solid starting point, from which you can tweak your sound to suit your preference.

 REFERENCE | Mixing and mastering utility plugin
Ever felt your mix didn’t sound as good as your reference tracks? It can be frustrating not knowing exactly how to get your music comparable to your favourite mixes. REFERENCE Is packed with powerful tools and insights to help you get closer than ever to the sound of your favourite music.

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