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  • Release Date: 16-06-2023, 05:55
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When you combine a velvety SHIMMER effect with a simple to use GRANULAR engine and top it off with an epic spacey REVERB it becomes apparent... LOVE is all you need.

 Shimmer & Grains

Captivate your listeners with an unparalleled audio experience transcending the boundaries of space and time. Presenting LOVE, an audio plugin meticulously crafted to elevate your ambient music to new celestial heights. With a powerful combination of a SHIMMER effect, a cutting-edge GRANULAR engine, and an epic spacey REVERB - LOVE will transport your music to ethereal, unexplored sonic planes.

 Unleash Shimmering Splendor

Harness the power of the shimmer effect and sprinkle your compositions with otherworldly brilliance. Elevate your soundscapes with delicate, cascading harmonic layers that glisten and sparkle, adding a celestial sheen to your ambient arrangements. Listen as your music soars to new dimensions, immersing your listeners in a shimmering sea of transcendence.

 Lovely Textures

Delve into the realm of sonic manipulation like never before with LOVE's unique granular engine. The ability to slice, dice, and rearrange audio into microscopic grains, enables you to sculpt intricate textures and atmospheric layers. Unleash your creativity as you explore the limitless possibilities of time-stretching, pitch-shifting, and granular synthesis. Transform mundane sounds into captivating soundscapes that will ignite the imagination of your audience.

 Creative Liberation

With its intuitive, single-page user interface and lightning-fast workflow, LOVE is the perfect companion for both seasoned professionals and aspiring beginners. Explore its streamlined controls, smart randomization function, and experience a new level of creativity that will inspire your musical journey. Take control of the randomization process by locking specific parts of the plugin, ensuring that selected parameters remain unaffected. This unique feature enables you to strike the perfect balance between order and chaos.

 Full Specs
  • Combines GRANULAR effects with a classical SHIMMER.
  • CLOUDS - epic reverb.
  • Delay, Filter, Chorus, Phaser.
  • Ultra-fast, simple workflow.
  • Smart Randomisation function.
  • Any parameter can be automated in your DAW.
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