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Heatwave is a fast, effective, and free way to add grit and aggressiveness to almost any sound while preserving its original transients. Add punishing distortion to drum parts without losing the snappy attacks. Beef up a funk bass without softening the slap. Distress an acoustic guitar while preserving the intricacies of fingerstyle playing.

Heatwave employs a minimal but inspiring interface dominated by a single control to “add heat” to the sound. All the magic is hidden behind-the-scenes, so the user doesn’t need to learn anything technical to make skillful use of the plug-in. Heatwave preserves and can even exaggerate transients through a complex use of transient shaping, saturation, compression, and EQ.

Features And Specs

  • IT’S FREE!
  • One-knob saturation plugin
  • Transient shaping, compression, saturation, EQ—all in one
  • Preserves and exaggerates original transients
  • Drive knob ‘drives’ the entire plugin
  • Input level and Clip button influence resulting sound
  • Perfect for drums, guitars, bass, synths, and full mixes
Heatwave v1.0.3 for Windows
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    24 May 2024 20:05

    good sound

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    11 July 2024 21:05

    thank you

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