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Distortion is one of the most powerful tools in an engineer’s toolbox. When used subtly, it can enhance even the cleanest acoustic instruments. When used with a heavy hand, it can increase aggression and loudness. But like all powerful tools, if you use it wrong, it can have disastrous consequences.

Big Clipper gives you the tools to hone in your distortion to give it just the right flavor of harmonics. From a soft, warm overdrive to crushing, bitey clipping, Big Clipper does it all and lets you easily dial it in.

Dual Stage
Big Clipper gives you two stages of distortion with wildly different flavors and lets you mix and match them to get just the right flavor.

Frequency Selective Threshold
The innovative Heft control lets you achieve a much more natural and warm distortion, giving gentle distortion with smooth, tight dynamics. It essentially makes distortion that sounds good on everything.

Big Clipper 2 v2.1.0 for Windows
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    Rubens Vicente Silva
    1 July 2024 07:23

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    1 July 2024 12:32

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    PD: Synthesizer V Studio Pro someday?

  3. Joejoh
    3 July 2024 14:38

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    3 July 2024 20:50

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