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  • Release Date: 16-06-2024, 18:23
  • Total Downloads: 8 538
  • Created by: HY-Plugins
  • Uploaded By: 4download

HY-MPS3 is a sequencer/ arpeggiator plugin consisting of 8 block sequencers. The plugin has two modes: The sequencer mode and the arpeggiator mode. With HY-MPS3 you will be able to create flexible sequencer and arpeggiator patterns.

HY-MPS3 consists of 3 parts, the “Block Chainer”, “SEQ/ARP block” and “Midi FX”. There are 8 SEQ/ARP blocks available, with the ability to set the parameters differently for each individual block.

The Block Chainer will trigger these blocks with various options, each time bringing unique results. The generated sequencer/arpeggiator pattern can then be processed by the Midi FX section.

Features Sequencer and arpeggiator engines
Chord notes output
8 step sequencer blocks
MIDI clip generator
UI color edit

HY-MPS3 v1.0 for Windows
HY-MPS3 screenshot.jpg HY-Plugins HY-MPS3 Box 1.png HY-Plugins HY-MPS3 Box 2.png HY-Plugins HY-MPS3 icon.png
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