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Valhalla DSP Bundle 2022.11 for Windows

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Valhalla DSP Bundle 2022.11 for Windows
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Valhalla makes creative tools for audio workers. We specialize in digital reverb and analog-inspired delay plugins for musicians, engineers, and other creative audio artists. The wait is finally over. Sean Costello (ValhallaDSP) has today released ValhallaDelay, a new super versatile delay plugin for PC & Mac. ValhallaDelay features 7 different delay modes from classic (tape, HiFi, BBD…) to brand-new innovative ones like the Ghost mode. The later one combines the tape model (HiFi mode) with frequency shifting and a unique diffusion algorithm. If you know Sean Costello’s developments, that’s not enough to call it a ValhallaDSP plugin.

So it comes also with five different tape styles (single, dual, quad…) for controlling the number of delay voices. Additionally, you can change the delay lengths from 0 msec to 20 seconds, add/remove artifacts with the age control and more. ValhallaDelay is our take on classic and modern delay and echo units. Tape echo, BBD, old-school digital, pitch shifting – we’ve got you covered. ValhallaDelay offers the classics, and expands them into new dimensions, with the unique Ratio and Quad delay styles, the Ghost mode (which adds frequency shifting), and a powerful diffusion section that can create anything from smeared echoes to ethereal reverbs.

  1. Valhalla DSP FreqEcho v1.2.0 - free freqshifter delay
  2. Valhalla DSP Delay v2.5.0 - tape/BBD/digital/pitch delay
  3. Valhalla DSP Plate v1.6.3 - classic plate reverb
  4. Valhalla DSP Room v1.6.2 - true stereo algorithmic reverb
  5. Valhalla DSP Shimmer v1.2.2 - pitchshifting reverb
  6. Valhalla DSP SpaceModulator v1.1.6 - free flanger
  7. Valhalla DSP Supermassive v2.5.0 - free space FX (delay/reverb/modulation)
  8. Valhalla DSP ÜberMod v1.1.6 - mutlitap delay & modulation
  9. Valhalla DSP VintageVerb v2.2.0 - classic hardware digital reverbs of the 1970s and 1980s.

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  1. gost796
    26 November 2022 07:56
    + +23 -
    can u please get u NEURAL DSP archetype petrucci

  2. husko4154
    26 November 2022 07:57
    + +12 -
    Strymon big sky vst and moogerfooger vst please.!!!
  3. Sammytv
    26 November 2022 10:45
    + -7 -
    Can we get waves 14 plsss 🥹
  4. DENVO
    28 November 2022 06:31
    + 0 -
    BetaBugs bundle v2020.6 Full version pls? this is the only thing that is stopping me from making music it would be great if u can give access to it?​​​​ ​​​​​​​​
    1. sospirituality
      4 December 2022 16:41
      + +2 -
      I have it if you need it
  5. the asb
    16 December 2022 02:13
    + 0 -
    it's not installing
    and u can u please provide me the brainworks pluginbundle
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