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In Session Audio Guitar Swell KONTAKT Library

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In Session Audio Guitar Swell KONTAKT Library
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In Session Audio Guitar Swell KONTAKT Library In Session Audio Guitar Swell KONTAKT Library In Session Audio Guitar Swell KONTAKT Library In Session Audio Guitar Swell KONTAKT Library
Guitar Swell is a virtual instrument sample library designed to easily create soundtrack-worthy ambient guitar performances with an emotional quality. Freely play melodies, parts and chords. Or, strum custom and auto-generated chords from single keys to build simple-to-play “no wrong note” progressions.

Make evocative and haunting transitions by pitch bending strings – independently and/or simultaneously – to create chord changes that morph together, uninterrupted. Elevate the sound with a wide variety of patches, all of which layer the guitar with other natural instruments, analog synths or additional guitars.

Further the atmospherics by swelling the guitar’s signal through the virtual volume pedal and into an amp, reverb, delay and slew of other effects. With its ten guitars, one-of-a-kind interface and feature set, Guitar Swell drives to expand what’s possible with an ambient guitar sound.

 Why is it called GUITAR SWELL?
SWELL refers to a technique in which a guitarist uses a pedal (or knob) to bring the volume up after striking the strings. Doing this, combined with delay and reverb effects can create a “pad” sound. 

  • INSTRUMENTS: Ten guitars featuring 34 options including: octave up/down combinations, “shimmer” sample sets and various articulation and pickup choices.
  • The “Extra” sound menu provides an additional selection of eight acoustic instruments and 23 analog synths.
  • Total sample count is 6010
  • PATCHES: Guitar Swell contains 24 “Ambient Swell” patches and 12 “Player” patches.

Please note: This is not a ‘standalone’ product. It requires the Kontakt Player from Native Instruments. You can Download Native Instruments - Kontakt Full version HERE.

File size: 4.73 GB | 33.8 MB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
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  1. Marko58
    29 March 2022 15:44
    + +37 -
    Hello ... imported on kontakt 6.6 it does not emit any sound.
    The version is DEMO!
    The Samples folder appears to be incomplete. Solutions? Thank you...
  2. DavidAntagon
    29 March 2022 19:34
    + 0 -
    Great! Thanks...please try to upload the new version of Shimmer Shake, from the same company... In Session Audio Shimmer Shake 2 !!!! Thanks for sharing
  3. Milkylink
    27 April 2022 17:22
    + 0 -
    thanks. very great lib
  4. Glikarius Lyngdoh
    28 April 2022 15:54
    + 0 -
    plz  upload ample china qudi if any one has please 🙏🙏🙏🙏
  5. BobosCurse
    8 June 2022 23:00
    + 0 -
    This doesn't show up in Kontakt.
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