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Best Service Forest Kingdom 3 Engine Soundbank

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Best Service Forest Kingdom 3 Engine Soundbank
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 The Sounds of Forests and Jungles
Mother Nature conducts what is probably the largest orchestra on our planet. The wind blowing through the leaves, the birds singing loudly - countless natural instruments are constantly writing new and unique music. Forest Kingdom 3 is the highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning Best Service. Forest-Kingdom-Series that transfers the sounds of forests and jungles to computer-based

The creator of Forest Kingdom 3 natural world of sounds is Eduardo Tarilonte, who is known for libraries like "NADA", "Dark ERA" and "Desert Winds". Due to his attention to detail, sampling master Eduardo manages to take musicians all over the world on a journey through deserts, forests and distant lands.
"Forest Kingdom 3 is a collection of exotic instruments inspired by the diversity of nature, the sounds of deep forests with colorful birds and the scents of lost jungles. Version 3 expands the extensive collection of instruments by adding, among others, 10 spiritual Native American flutes with excellent playability. I can say without any doubt that these are my best sampled flutes yet. Close your eyes and get ready to dive deep into nature and its uniqueness." Eduardo Tarilonte

 Forest Kingdom 3 Key Features:
  • 30 wind instruments (including 10 wonderful flutes made by Native Americans).
  • 90 ethnic percussion-instruments
  • Mythical creatures and voices of shamans
  • 210 fascinating soundscapes
  • 300 inspiring multitrack performance MIDI-Grooves
  • Over 700 presets
  • Over 20,000 individual samples

Forest Kingdom 3 is the perfect tool for composers and sound-designers who want to compose music and atmospheric sounds for movies, documentaries, video-games or new-age-music. In addition to over 700 presets, 300 unique performance multi-track grooves and over 20,000 individual samples, Forest Kingdom 3 includes 17.6 GB of sounds comprising flutes, harps, percussion-instruments, mythical creatures, vocals and stunning soundscapes.

 Included Sounds Overview:
  • Percussion - 90 patches hosting numerous instruments from all over the world: Ambient Wind Chimes, Bata Drums (3), Berimbau, Claves, Culo e Puya Drums (3), Djembe, Frame Drum, Jawbone, Kalimba, Qraqueb, Quitipla, Shekere Set (3), Tibetan Bowl, Tribal Maracas I, Tribal Maracas II, Numerous Different Shakers, Chimes, Taiko, Duff, Cumacos, Slic Drum, Udu, Marimbola (a huge kalimba) and more!
  • Plucked - Offers the sound of two magical harps (acoustic and electric)
  • Wind - Forest Kingdom 3 contains an amazing collection of flutes. All of them feature the new Blow-Intensity-System that controls dynamics and expression and is connected to the Pitch-Bend-Wheel. In this category you will find among others: Aztec Clay Flute I, Aztec Clay Flute II, Didgeridoo, Moseño Flute, Raj Nplaim Flute, Konkovka, Wooden Overtone Flute, PVC Overtone (phrases), Bulgarian piccolo flute, Kiowa flute, African Fula Flute, Double Flute, Mayan Seashell Horn, Xiao as well as a full collection of pan flutes from the smallest to the largest.
  • Voices - A beautiful ethereal solo voice with real legato and shaman phrases.
  • Fantasy Creatures - A set of sounds of fantasy creatures and bird calls.
  • Soundscapes - 210 inspiring and unique soundscapes by Eduardo Tarilonte.
  • Performance Grooves - 300 inspiring and editable multitrack-performance-MIDI-grooves that will give you three and a half hours of pure musical inspiration.

Please note: This is not a ‘standalone’ product. It requires the Engine from Best Service. You can Download Best Service Engine Full version HERE

File size: 11.7 GB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
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  1. Dennis
    14 January 2022 19:44
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    Wow!!! THANKS A LOT! This library is a very valuable piece of art! Thanks for sharing!!!
  2. Davidoff
    15 January 2022 01:12
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    Great many Thanks!
  3. Dennis
    15 January 2022 15:10
    + +1 -
    Thanks! Many of us does not have access to torrent files...here I post you the other libraries of this series, recently uploaded... a long time awaited and finally now, ENGINE was cracked, if you have time to sharing too... Very thankfull with the holders of this site! Here are the links to torrent files

    Best Service - Ancient ERA Persia v1.1 (ENGINE 2)
    Best Service - ERA II Medieval Legends v1.3 (ENGINE 2)
    Best Service - Celtic ERA v1.0.1 (ENGINE 2)

    1. 4download
      15 January 2022 21:27
      + +6 -
  4. cactusjack
    7 February 2022 06:40
    + +8 -
    it got taken down. can you update or is it gone forever?
  5. LuckyS_212
    21 March 2022 16:55
    + +5 -
    All links are down, can you reupload, pretty please?
  6. guest123
    22 April 2022 09:10
    + +2 -
    this got taken down. Please re up
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