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Spark your creativity with Guitar Rig 7 Pro – an inspiration suite filled with sought-after guitar and bass amp simulators, studio effects, and pedals. Get instant flavor with over 100 new rack presets, or mix and match modules to sculpt your own tones. Add analog warmth with four new lo-fi components, perfect for adding texture to any track.

 All the gear, no hassle
Explore fresh amp and pedal additions powered by machine learning (ICM) and easy-to-use processing tools that open up endless possibilities for jamming, producing, and getting lost in experimentation.

 Intelligent Circuit Modeling
Experience a whole new level of depth and realism with our virtual guitar amps. Sci-fi by name but incredibly realistic by nature – our intelligent circuit modeling process uses machine learning technology to reproduce the behavior of hardware devices from the ground up. Our ICM amp simulators don’t just sound like the real deal – they feel like it.

 New Amp Day
Guitar Rig 7 Pro comes with four new ICM amps to shape your sound.

 Super Fast 100
A legendary 100W all-tube amp that defined the sound of modern rock with its shiny cleans, creamy leads, and high-gain sounds.

 Reverb Delight
A timeless classic from the mid-60s, played on countless hits, and regarded as one of the most essential workhorse guitar amps ever made.

 AC Box XV
Modeled after a legendary 60s tube amp renowned for its clean tone and gritty breakup, AC Box XV features a meticulously designed "point-to-point" hand-wired chassis produced in the UK. This two-channel tone monster shaped the sound of Liverpool.

 Bass Rage
An iconic all-tube bass amp that delivers 300 watts of classic bass tone, designed for players who are looking for the authentic, vintage tube sound that has earned the respect of the industry.

 Get your lo-fi fix
With Guitar Rig 7 Pro, you can go far beyond guitars and basses. Add analog texture and warmth to any sound you like with brand-new lo-fi components.

 Tape Wobble
Emulate the “warbling” effect from improperly adjusted analog tape machines, providing an easy way to achieve a classic lo-fi effect—especially on sustained notes, pads, and melodic content.

 Noise Machine
Create tones inspired by classic gear like cassette tapes, VHS tapes, electrical hum, and vinyl.

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