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DADA Life Sausage Fattener v2 Full version

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DADA Life Sausage Fattener v2 Full version
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Hey! Hi! Hello guys! How u doing? We have a something new. We make a new version DADA life Sausage Fattener (Full Mod v2.0) by COLOVE Products

 What’s new?
  • We Integrated the skin system, you no need to replace the skin’s files a longer of never. One Skin a one resource
  • Added a five new skins: RED, BLUE, GREY, ORANGE, GREEN. Important, saved the originally (analog - yellow) shell
  • Core optimization: 32 bit is only for Win32, 64 for only Win64. All cores to one base.

Older version, what we made 1.0, it was just the only pictures files and does not a violate copyrights. But with a new version will be problems with it (Copyright) because it's a plugin (Full VST). We will sent to DADA life and only they will the post it to his a store by DaDa officially.. if not, we are post to our website only skin’s and not for release.. without update for core, skin’s system, optimization.. Enjoying the only pictures(!

File Size: 8.89 MB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
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  1. Svenson4
    3 August 2022 21:31
    + +15 -
    Where to put this? When I move it to vstplugins it doesnt work.
    The DAW cannot find the DAT files.
    1. ipaidadobe
      4 August 2022 14:38
      + -11 -
      C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST2\VSTPlugins
      Remove the 'data' folder from the 'Dada life' folder as shown below.
      1. Svenson4
        4 August 2022 20:29
        + -11 -
        Finally I made it work.
        The correct path is C:\Program Files (x86)\VSTPlugIns\Dada Life\Sausage Fattener

        This is the path where the plugin is telling the DAW to search for the .bat files in the data/core folder.

        And you must INCLUDE the data folder, not remove it or otherwise it won't find the .bat files.
        1. Diexo96
          5 August 2022 02:25
          + -1 -
          but what if i use x64 bit? i should also install in C: x86?? because i installed the x64 version in the right folder but doesn't work
          1. Svenson4
            5 August 2022 05:06
            + -2 -
            I installed the 64 bit version too in x86.
            If you read the path in the error popup it will tell you where it's looking for the bat files.
            That's the path that you need to put your plugins into, along with the data folder.

            However, Reaper finds everything, but Cubase only finds de "blue" sausage fattener. Don't know why.
  2. midsyndrome
    4 August 2022 14:14
    + +5 -
    hey guys, if its not too much of a hassle could you fix up the download links for output thermal and output movement? been wanting thermal for a while.
  3. zxcz9
    7 August 2022 21:53
    + +3 -
    Hice lo que explicais y no consigo que lo lea el Daw
  4. Vauz Kastro
    11 August 2022 04:55
    + 0 -
    data files are missing
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