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Kontakt Factory Library 2 v1.0.4 Full version

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Kontakt Factory Library 2 v1.0.4 Full version
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Kontakt Factory Library 2 Acoustic Kontakt Factory Library 2 Band Kontakt Factory Library 2 Beats Kontakt Factory Library 2 Choir Kontakt Factory Library 2 Orchestral Kontakt Factory Library 2 Synth
The KONTAKT Factory Library comes with an array of brand-new sounds, effects, and under-the-hood engine features, plus a stunningly modern, easy-to-use interface, making creativity with sampled instruments even faster and more intuitive. With over 43GB of meticulously recorded samples from nearly 900 individual instruments, it covers everything from deep-sampled acoustic instruments to vintage drum machines and classic analog synths.

Completely overhauled in KONTAKT 7 by Orchestral Tools, the comprehensive, integrated collection of sampled string, woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments in the Orchestral collection are all taken from OT’s flagship product range, The Berlin Series. Recorded with the finest musicians, in situ, on the same Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin, these libraries are used by AAA-list film, media, and game composers.

Flutes, dulcimers, recorders, bagpipes, fiddles, plus a brand-new hurdy gurdy, and a range of gongs and percussion sounds with editable MIDI patterns. The Acoustic collection packs 60 meticulously recorded instruments that let you add layers of unique character to tracks. Cross borders and continents to tap into distinctive, authentic sounds from a huge range of locations, including Ireland, Turkey, Japan, Cuba, Armenia, and beyond.

Whether it’s rock, funk, jazz, or soul, you can find the authentic sounds you need in the Band collection with a range of acoustic and electric sounds – newly added guitars, plus basses, organs, horns, and e-pianos. The collection also has a range of drum kits, which come with preset grooves that can be exported with MIDI drag and drop. Choose from different articulations and playing styles, and dial in extra character with a range of controls, including vibrato and sustain.

Find your flow and lay down rhythmic patterns fast – the Beats collection is totally overhauled for Factory Library 2. Choose from 288 pre-made Grooves across 90 kits, or free-play your own rhythms with a keyboard or pads. You can also use MIDI drag and drop to export the Groove patterns into your DAW for editing, and further customize your drum sounds with a range of studio-grade effects including chorus, flanger, reverb, and delay.

The Choir collection delivers choral vocals that span the soprano, alto, tenor, and bass pitch ranges. New in KONTAKT 7 are a range of high-quality patches that include the vowels Aah, Eh, I, Ooh, Uh, and Mmm, as well as sustain, marcato, staccato, and staccatissimo articulations.

All the pads, leads, arps, and basses you could ever need, including a freshly added Soundscapes category for evolving, cinematic textures. From the earliest vintage gear to sci-fi-ready FM and modular rigs, the Synths collection contains a huge range of electronic sounds, along with high-grade effects that let you dial in sweeping filters, echoing delays, roomy reverbs, and more.

A collection of 292 deep-sampled electronic instruments that deliver the rich, timeless warmth of analog synthesis, tube compression, and tape saturation. Draw from the sounds of some of the most priceless, sought-after synths, drum machines, and classic gear, ready to add the highest quality textures and timbres to any production in any genre.

Please note: This is not a ‘standalone’ product. It requires the Kontakt Player from Native Instruments. You can Download Native Instruments - Kontakt Full version HERE.

File size: 36.0 GB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
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  1. mino24she
    9 October 2022 03:16
    + +6 -
    Thanks for the upload, any chance we are getting Slate and Ash stuffs here ? Those are awesome.
  2. Diexo96
    9 October 2022 04:50
    + +9 -
    The new Studio One 6 pleaseeeeee!!
    1. 4download
      9 October 2022 10:36
      + +20 -
      1. Invisible
        9 October 2022 11:00
        + +11 -
        Please upload Waves Complete 14
  3. candle
    9 October 2022 16:21
    + +23 -
    how to add it on Mac, when I load it it shows :"This instrument belongs to a library that is currently not installed" , anyone knows how to fix it?
    1. ipaidadobe
      9 October 2022 20:46
      + +12 -
      Same problem on PC, have tried all fixes online nothing seems to be working, going to mess around and see if I can fix anything.
  4. Umaru
    9 October 2022 18:38
    + +17 -
    Please admin F L 20.9 
  5. LoDown30
    9 October 2022 22:06
    + +12 -
    Same problem . . . "This instrument belongs to a library that is currently not installed"
  6. mxxx13
    9 October 2022 23:36
    + +10 -
    FIX for PC users with the error "install from original disc"........Put the folder in an ISO and mount it....worked for me
  7. Ryder
    13 October 2022 14:57
    + +5 -
    Quote: ipaidadobe
    Same problem on PC, have tried all fixes online nothing seems to be working, going to mess around and see if I can fix anything.

    Please Upload Certified Audio- Boombap Essentials 
  8. aviv2626
    25 October 2022 16:42
    + +13 -
    Please help us add library
  9. ccmchan
    10 November 2022 22:44
    + +1 -
    Same problem . . . "This instrument belongs to a library that is currently not installed"
  10. Victorimus
    17 November 2022 05:51
    + 0 -
    do I have to download all 6 parts?
  11. goofyahh
    19 November 2022 21:45
    + +2 -
    please help me i have this problem where i try to load the libary through kontakt 7 and it says "this instrument belongs to a libary that is not installed currently" please help im using windows 11
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