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  • Release Date: 14-07-2023, 12:05
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X6 is an advanced multiband compressor that sets new standards in mixing and mastering. Whether it’s radio-ready vocals, a pumping drum bus or punchy mastering, X6 gives you the power. It’s also really easy to use. After an extensive development period and in collaboration with leading engineers, we crafted a compressor with its own unique modern sound. At its heart is a high-quality dynamics engine with a choice of four models, each with its own distinct character.

  • Punch: A modern, clean-sounding compressor with adaptive attack and release, which allows transients to cut through. Great for adding bite.
  • Smooth: Our reimagining of a classic FET model. The two-stage attack brings transients under control, for smooth, natural compression.
  • Crunch: A Devious invention which adds a little dirt, saturating loud transients for a pleasing, gritty character.
  • Expand: A versatile expander that can add impact by emphasising louder parts of the signal, or function as a noise-reducer.
 Why Multiband X6?
  • Every aspect of X6 has been carefully designed to help you bring your music to life.
  • It excels at a variety of tasks: radio-friendly vocals, huge drums, biting synth stabs, punchy masters and much more. It’s also great with a single-band, for a classic compressed sound. Whether you want big in-your-face transients, well-controlled dynamics with no surprises, or an immersive wall of sound, you’ll get there easily with X6.
  • And with its low latency, low-cpu engine, it may be hard to resist putting it on every channel.
  • Up to Six Bands: Use X6 as a single-band compressor, or precisely control every part of the frequency spectrum.
  • Smart Gain Compensation: Keeps the level consistent as you dial up the compression, saving you time and effort.
  • Auto-Threshold: Analyses the input signal, then sets the thresholds for consistent compression across all bands.
  • Input-Output Match: Automatically adjusts the output level to match the input, for accurate A/B-ing.
  • Configurable Crossover: 6-band Linkwitz-Riley crossover, with configurable slope per-band up to 48dB/oct, with minimum and linear-phase modes.
    Mid/Side Processing
    : Shape the stereo width of your mix, and control mono elements independently.
    External Sidechain
    : Perform sidechain ducking, with exact control over every frequency band.
  • Lookahead: Reduce transients in advance, with a selectable lookahead of up to 20ms.
  • Up to 4x Oversampling: For the ultimate in mastering-grade sound quality
  • Professional Metering: Peak, true-peak, LUFS and RMS metering of both input and output.
  • Spectrum Analyser: Visualise the spectrum of both the input and output in realtime.
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