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Alt Piano is an old, humble and character-filled upright piano from the 1960s. Recorded with and without felt, this piano has two very different personalities; soft and beautiful or bright and lively. The original recordings have also been transformed into a series of inspiring textural layers. These can be used to create a subtle background ambience to the piano, or made into their own atmospheric organic sounds. There are dozens of other unique controls, making this piano impressively versatile and allowing you to easily create an extensive range of sounds for any genre.


  • Blend between felt and natural recordings
  • 3 beautiful texture layers
  • Plenty of awesome and unique controls
  • Sampled the piano in the crypt of a church
  • Neve 1073 pre-amps and Burr Brown AD convertors
  • Mics: Coles 4038’s, AKG 414’s, SE-2‘s
  • Super-fine-tune Controls
  • Space, Delay, EQ
  • Requires Kontakt 5.6.8 or above
Please note: It requires the Kontakt Player from Native Instruments.
You can Download Native Instruments  Kontakt Full version here 
Alt Piano v2.0 KONTAKT Library
Weswood ALT PIANO Screenshot 1 Weswood ALT PIANO Screenshot 2 Weswood ALT PIANO Screenshot 3 Weswood ALT PIANO Screenshot 4 Weswood ALT PIANO Screenshot Weswood ALT PIANO Logo Weswood ALT PIANO Box 1 Weswood ALT PIANO Box 2 Weswood ALT PIANO Box 3 Weswood ALT PIANO Box 4
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  1. CJ
    11 July 2024 05:36

    this is a great vet

    great vst

  2. mohit
    13 July 2024 17:51


    nice work

  3. nana kidy
    nana kidy
    Yesterday, 14:03