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Valhalla VintageVerb v2.2.0 Full version

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Valhalla VintageVerb v2.2.0 Full version
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ValhallaVintageVerb is a postmodern reverb plugin, inspired by the classic hardware digital reverbs of the 1970s and 1980s. Valhalla VintageVerb™ features 19 classic digital reverbs and 3 color modes inspired by the most beloved reverb hardware from the 1970s and 1980s.

 Reverb Modes: Concert Hall / Bright Hall / Plate / Room / Chamber / Random Space / Chorus Space / Ambience / Sanctuary / Dirty Hall / Dirty Plate / Smooth Plate / Smooth Room / Smooth Random / Nonlin / Chaotic Hall / Chaotic Chamber / Chaotic Neutral / Cathedral (new in 2.2.0)

The MODE control in Valhalla VintageVerb is a super powerful, high-level control that allows you to switch between 18 different reverb algorithms.

The COLOR control dials in the tone color and sonic artifacts of each specific reverb era. The 1970s color model is dark and noisy with the potential for strange and random artifacts. The 1980s is still funky, but with a brighter sound. NOW is too digital, clean, and colorless. As you switch through the eras, the colors of your GUI change, too.

Replicates the reduced bandwidth of the earliest digital reverberators (10 kHz maximum output frequency). Downsampled internally to reproduce the artifacts of running at a lower sampling rate. The modulation is dark and noisy and can produce strange and random sidebands with sustained notes. This is intentional.

Full bandwidth/sampling rate, for a brighter sound than the 1970s. The modulation is still dark and noisy but will produce different artifacts than the 1970s mode as it is running at the full sampling rate.

Windows: 2.69 MB | MacOS: 8.95 MB
RAR Password: www.4download.net
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    5 December 2021 22:10
    + 0 -
    Ty admin, works on m1 mac
    1. 4download
      6 December 2021 22:36
      + 0 -
      You are very welcome.
  2. beats69
    7 December 2021 06:13
    + +1 -
    Hello, I cannot install the Valhalla plug-in on my m1 silicon a message appears during the managed plugins. (Unable to open Valhalla vintage verb in fl studio Apple cannot verify that it is free of malware. ) Could you tell me how to do this or if the problem is not just mine. thank you in advance for your answer :)

    Bonjour, je n'arrive pas à installer le plugin Valhalla sur mon m1 silicon un message apparaît lors du manage plugins .(Impossible d’ouvrir Valhalla vintage verb dans fl studio Apple ne peut pas vérifier qu’il ne contient pas de logiciels malveillants.) Pourriez-vous m'indiquer comment faire ou si le problème ne vient pas seulement de moi. je vous remercie par avance de votre réponse :)
    1. heywhylizzy
      8 December 2021 07:39
      + +9 -
      whats the password for the rar file

  3. trickydancemoves
    8 December 2021 07:57
    + +15 -
    key not working for me (mac)

  4. llayl
    13 December 2021 19:32
    + +1 -
    Not working for me on M1 :(

    All Valhalla plugins working fine just this one 
  5. jakewu27
    30 December 2021 09:47
    + 0 -
    anyone else have the issue of Valhalla plug ins not showing in their DAW? Using Logic btw. I have no issues downloading or replacing files, but Valhalla will not show in my DAW despite being successfully validated in the plug in manager
    1. llayl
      6 January 2022 17:03
      + 0 -
      Got them all working apart from this one
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