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Kizuna Akari - Vocaloid Voicebank

VOCALOID4 Kizuna Akari is a VOCALOID which is based on a girl's bright, cute and gentle voice.

Her age and height were listed on Vocalomaket's blog. Her official birthday is listed as December 22.  As Yukari is based on the moon, Akari is based on "starlight", keeping with the astronomical theme. Her name is a play on "stars" or "light", with "Stars" being a representation of people, her name means "Star Light". Her name at the time of her provider's recording was "Starry Akari" 

She is themed on the word "Connection", though originally they wanted to go with a play on "bond" due to translation issues with the kanji and details about her. There were also troubles with getting her name to match the team's themes and ideas for her....

Please note: This is not a ‘standalone’ product. It requires the VOCALOID EDITOR from YAMAHA.
You can Download YAMAHA Vocaloid ESV Full version HERE.