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  • Release Date: 11-06-2023, 17:31
  • Total Downloads: 26 725
  • Uploaded By: 4download
Whether you’re an experienced vocal arranger, a songwriter looking for that perfect backup vocal, or a composer experimenting with unique vocal effects, Harmony Engine Evo gives you entirely new ways to create the harmony parts you hear in your head. Harmony Engine Evo incorporates Antares' groundbreaking Evo™ Voice Processing Technology for faster, more accurate pitch detection, smoother, artifact-free pitch shifting, and seamless, natural-sounding (if you want it to be) throat modeling. And with 5 channels of Antares' unique CHOIR Vocal Multiplier, you can create huge vocal ensembles out of a single vocal line.

 Automatic Vocal Harmony Generator
Harmony Engine is a real-time harmony generating plug-in that lets you produce professional quality harmony arrangements from a single vocal or monophonic instrument track.

 Introducing Harmony Engine
Learn how Harmony Engine makes it easy to add lush harmonies to your vocal tracks.

 Harmony of One
Produce professional-quality harmony arrangements from a single vocal or monophonic instrument track.

 A Creative Chorus
Explore four high-quality harmony voices with independently adjustable vocal character, vibrato, and pan settings for realistic or extreme effects.

 Handmade Harmonies
Meticulously craft your own vocal arrangement note-by-note, perform your harmonies with your MIDI controller, or simply choose the chords and let Harmony Engine do the rest.

  • Professional harmonies from a single source
  • Four independently adjustable harmony voices
  • Humanize control for natural-sounding performances
  • Create vocal arrangements note-by-note or automatically
  • Compatible with the Auto-Key plug-in and Auto-Key Mobile
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