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  • Release Date: 1-10-2021, 15:02
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  • Created by: MOTU, Inc
  • Uploaded By: 4download

Work musically with features like the Drum Editor and QuickScribe notation, then switch gears for creative production techniques with inspiring plug-ins like DP's Subkick, Ensemble Chorus, and guitar FX plug-ins. Import loops, launch virtual instruments and 3rd-party plug-ins: Digital Performer is the consummate host. Then polish your recording with Digital Performer’s extensive editing, mixing, processing and mastering tools. No matter how you approach your music and audio production, DP's highly customizable user interface empowers your personal workflow.

Digital Performer represents a complete studio production experience on your computer desktop. Record, edit, mix, process and master polished recordings. Combine external hardware - synths, controllers, mics, instruments, compressors - with virtual instruments, loops, audio tracks and MIDI tracks, all together in a seamless, intuitive production environment.

Get inspired, then refine your mix all in a singular workflow. Digital Performer 11 delivers inspirational features devised to ignite your creative muse, combined with state-of-the-art studio production technologies engineered for the most demanding, world-class recording and production environments.

 List Font Scaling

Now you can resize the text in DP’s list windows, independent of the scaling for the rest of the UI. Control three new font size preferences: List, Project Notes and Lyrics.

 Text Rendering and dialog box scaling on Windows

Taking advantage of the latest text rendering engine in Windows 10, DP’s text appears significantly crisper. Numerous additional text alignment tweaks improve DP’s look on Windows. DP now also uses Windows 10's DPI-awareness setting, allowing DP to resize system dialogs and menus appropriately for the size and resolution of your computer screen.

 Dynamically Resizable Channel Strips

DP's faders resize when you make the Mixing Board and Channel Strip windows taller (or shorter).

 Support for macOS Big Sur and Apple silicon Macs

DP11 is fully qualified for macOS Big Sur (11.x) and the latest generation Apple silicon Macs. DP’s audio engine is fully optimized for multi-core performance on Apple silicon, prioritizing audio threads on high-speed cores and reserving CPU bandwidth for critical, time-sensitive processing.

 ‘Transpose Exclude’ option

A new track setting (column) in the Track List allows you to exclude tracks from the Transpose region command. There are also new commands to turn it on and off.

 Articulation Maps

Articulation maps allow you to dynamically apply variation to the output of a MIDI track using remote triggers that affect the output of the track. For example, you could create an articulation map called Basic Articulations with separate triggers for Legato, Staccato and Marcato, and then expressively switch among them, on the fly, as you record or play the track. You can import or create custom maps for many popular orchestra sound libraries. Articulation symbols appear in the QuickScribe Editor, linked to their articulation map, where they can be further edited and inserted. You can also edit articulations for a track in lanes in the Graphic Editor and QuickScribe Editor.

 Audio Retrospective Record

DP11 adds audio to its Retrospective Recording capabilities. Now, DP always listens to both MIDI and audio input sources, capturing everything, even if you’re not recording. Like magic, you can immediately recall any audio or MIDI material you’ve recently played. For both MIDI and audio input, Digital Performer frees your creativity and ensures you'll never lose that precious, fleeting creative moment.

 Clip Triggering With NovationTM and AkaiTM Pad Controllers

Gain complete hands-on control of DP’s extensive Clips window with a pad controller like the NovationTM LaunchpadTM Pro mk3 or AkaiTM APC-40. Trigger individual clips or entire scenes (sections of songs). Apply filter sweeps and other effects processing as you go: Digital Performer is now a powerhouse live performance platform that can take your shows wherever you can imagine.

 Live Performance Mode

When performing live, you want all effects processing to be done in real time, rather than pre- generated, for instant responsiveness. Live Performance Mode ensures that your computer feels like an extension of your hands.

 Chunk Folders and Playlists

DP’s unique Chunks feature allows you to create and manage multiple sequences, songs and V-Racks in a single DP project file, from cues for a movie score to set lists for live shows. In DP11, you can now organize your chunks into folders and playlists. Folders are for perfect for organizing your chunks, while playlists serve perfectly as set lists for your next live show.

 Chunks List Split View

Split the chunk list in two sections for improved chunk list management. For example, you could search for a chunk in one list section and then drag it into a folder or playlist in the other. Managing your chunks has never been easier.

 Multi-channel MIDI Tracks

You can now record and play multiple channels of MIDI data in a single track. When setting MIDI track input and output assignments, instead of choosing a specific channel, you can choose ‘any.’ When you choose any for input, you can record all 16 MIDI channels into the track at once. The channels are stored with the MIDI events in the track. When you choose ‘any’ in the track's output assignment, the events will be played out on the same channel they were recorded.

 Enhanced View Filtering

Show and hide individual MIDI channel data using new ‘Channel Selection’ section in the Track Selector. Use the ‘Event Type Selector’ section to show and hide specific event types.

 Support for MPE and Per-Note CCs

MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) is here! In DP 11, you can record multi-channel output from an MPE controller — such as a RoliTM SeaboardTM — as regular MIDI notes containing MPE expression data. Instead of a slew of note and controller data splayed across dozens of tracks, you see a single stream of normal MIDI notes that each contain their own note-specific controllers, for easy and intuitive editing. Hide and show the contained per-note controller and pitch-change events in DP’s familiar piano roll. Zoom in the note grid for finer detail. Zoom per- note data independently of the notes that contain them. Select a number of notes and simply drag vertically on their per-note data with the new "Scale" tool to increase or reduce the amount of expression.

 MPE-enabled virtual synths

The following virtual synth instruments that are included with DP support MPE: Bassline,Modulo, MX4, Nanosampler 2.0, Polysynth and Proton.

 Per-note Expression Data Lanes

Add separate lanes in the Sequence Editor to view and edit per-note MPE expression data with DP’s familiar and powerful continuous controller (CC) editing tools. A check box in each lane allows you to easily toggle the lane between track data and per-note data. With zero learning curve, you’ll master the editing of per-note expression data.

 New Scale Tool

Quickly scale per-note expression data by simply dragging vertically with the new Scale Tool.

 New Control Surface plug-ins for Native InstrumentsTM and IconTM

DP 11 includes new control surface plug-ins for the current Native InstrumentsTM Komplete KontrolTM lineup, including the M32, A-Series, and S-Series MK2 controller lines, and the hot new iCON ControlTM mixing worksurfaces like the QConTM Pro G2/EX, Pro X/XS, Platform Nano and Platform M/X series. These state-of-the-art control surfaces empower your DP workflow so you can work faster and more intuitively.

 Enhanced AvidTM EuConTM Support

DP’s EuCon plug-in has been substantially updated, including support for the Avid S6TM console. In addition, you can now use your EuCon worksurface with DP running on Windows 10.

 Enhanced Support for MCU and HUI-compatible Control Surfaces

A new plug-in called “MCU Compatible” improves support for third-party control surfaces that are Mackie Control Universal-compatible. Substantial improvements have been made to DP’s Mackie Control Universal (MCU) and HUI control surface plug-ins, which can be used with any control surface that supports those protocols, including improved automation toggling, scrub modes, send mode, loop toggle and much more.

 More Control Surface Enhancements

For all control surfaces that support these features: V-Racks can now be displayed on all control surfaces. New track pinning modes (Pin to Mixer, Pin to Focus Window and All Tracks) significantly improve the way corresponding tracks are displayed in DP and on the control surface, so that you always see the tracks you need. New track indicator lights in the Sequence Editor and Mixing Board show which tracks are currently active on any control surface.

 Track and Clip Effects

Every audio track, MIDI track and clip now has a basic transpose setting that you can use to transpose the content of that track or clip by an interval on playback, leaving the original data unaffected. You can conveniently change the setting at any time. MIDI tracks and clips also have a quantize setting, in addition to transpose.

 Intelligent Audio Interface Selection

On macOS, if you haven’t yet selected the audio hardware you wish to use with DP, DP finds the best option for you. If you have a MOTU interface, or other professional interface, DP uses it. If not, DP uses whatever input and output devices you have selected in the System Preferences Sound Panel, and will follow your selection there if you change it. Of course, if you do choose an interface from within DP, DP uses it.

 Clips Window Enhancements

The new ‘Empty Clips Scene’ command makes a new scene and fills it with new empty clips. The ‘Double Clip Loop’ feature doubles the length of the looped portion in a clip and repeats the material to fill the new loop, so you can easily creates changes that you hear every other time through the looped material.

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