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  • Release Date: 6-06-2024, 02:04
  • Total Downloads: 1 641 289
  • Created by: Ableton
  • Uploaded By: brentbaretta

Live is a fast, fluid and flexible software for music creation and performance. It comes with all kinds of effects, instruments, sounds and creative tools  - everything you need to make any kind of music.

Use Live’s linear Arrangement View to sequence your music, or the Session View to improvise and try out ideas without the constraints of a timeline. Change the tempo and timing of any audio in real time without stopping the music thanks to Live’s warping. Record MIDI or real-world instruments, vocals or other audio, using Live’s creative features to perfect your performance, spark new ideas, or turn spontaneous moments into music. Use MIDI Transformations to add variations to your patterns, or MIDI Generators to create new ideas that you can turn into your own. And find presets and sounds comparable to the ones you’re working on with Sound Similarity.

Build your sound with Live’s rich range of instruments and effects, or shape a diverse collection of curated Packs into something new. And since the software lets you do everything in real time and is endlessly customizable, it's perfect for live performance and hands-on play, whatever your setup.

Live 12 Overview

MIDI Transformations and Generators: Use MIDI Transformations to add ornaments and articulations, draw acceleration and deceleration curves, connect successive notes and chords, and simulate the strum of a guitar. Take advantage of MIDI Generators that let you conjure up playful and original ideas for you to develop and turn into your own. And go even further with advanced Max for Live Transformations and Generators.

Sound Similarity: Start with a sample and tell Live’s browser to find comparable sounds and instrument or drum presets – with the help of a set of advanced machine learning algorithms. Or use Sound Similarity to find and swap comparable samples in Simpler or Drum Rack.

Tuning systems: Work outside 12-tone equal temperament, and use your chosen tuning with Live’s devices as well as any MPE-capable plugin or hardware.

Keys and Scales: Transform or generate ideas within the confines of the selected scale, or sync the scale of MIDI devices to the clip being played.

More devices: Create everything from subtle and precise mastering-grade warmth to wild and unpredictable sound degradation with Roar, Live’s additional saturation and coloring effect. Explore textures and timbres with the twin sound engines of Meld. Or get even more expressive with the latest iteration of Robert Henke’s granular synthesis device, Granulator III.

MIDI Editor improvements: use your keyboard and mouse to edit MIDI in new ways. Split a note in two, or chop it into several parts. Select a set of notes and join them together, or make them fill a selected time range. Get access to more tools from the Note Utilities panel, like Fit Scale, Humanize, Add Intervals, and more.

Workflow improvements: Stack Live’s Clip and Device Views to see more of what’s going on in your track at a glance. Use Live’s Mixer in Arrangement View to get more information and control without moving to Session View and breaking the flow. Discover new sounds and find them again more easily with the Browser’s new tagging system and search history. And freeze and flatten a track in just one step.

Accessibility and navigation improvements: Visually impaired musicians can now access core workflows in Live with screen readers and other assistive technologies, and use new keyboard shortcuts to navigate to nearly every part of Live.

Additional Packs: Find new tricks for performing on the fly with the four Max for Live devices of Performance Pack, explore unlikely instruments and unique foley recordings with the Lost and Found collection, and get your hands on authentic hip-hop and trap beats with two drum Packs from Sound Oracle.

Ableton Live 12 Suite v12.0.5 for Windows
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  1. Arista
    6 June 2024 00:49

    please someone help me to authenticate this  

    1. Charlotte
      6 June 2024 18:36

      Drop the auz file on the Ableton window. Done!

  2. artisteeeeee
    7 June 2024 03:11

    it said authorization unvalid for this pc :(

  3. Bandz
    8 June 2024 12:30

    Works, thanks

  4. pollo
    8 June 2024 13:32

    Works :)

  5. x
    8 June 2024 20:33

    Plugins are not available after scanning & folder setup.

  6. itay
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  7. Hebi
    11 June 2024 12:24

    Did the step by step and it said this authorization file is invalid on this computer. I need help please anyone.

  8. l
    13 June 2024 17:12

    all redirected download links broken

  9. Aayush Sharma
    Aayush Sharma
    13 June 2024 22:09

     i love this 

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    14 June 2024 11:31


  11. lolo
    14 June 2024 23:40

    accep please

  12. Henchman
    15 June 2024 06:54

    Can someone please Explain very clearly how I can authorize this I’m using windows.

  13. noone
    16 June 2024 00:28

    lets see

  14. Mario
    17 June 2024 10:35

    enter hardware id ??

  15. jeff
    18 June 2024 00:05

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    Yesterday, 03:24

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