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  • Release Date: 5-05-2024, 09:45
  • Total Downloads: 178 796
  • Uploaded By: 4download

With power-packed upgrades like Audio Triggering, Sidechain View in VolumeShaper, and the new LiquidShaper flanger/phaser, ShaperBox 3 is the go-to plugin for inspiration, musical motion and mixing magic. Each of ShaperBox’s nine powerful multiband effects – Volume, Time, Drive, Filter, Crush Noise, Pan, Width and the new Liquid – is a blank canvas for your creativity. Just add a Shaper and draw any wave shape you can imagine to control the effect, all with a simple visual interface that makes producing fast and fun.

With Cableguys’ easiest ever LFO editing, you can intuitively design fluid sweeps, angled lines, or stepped patterns. Unlock a world of rhythmic exploration and precision production in just a few clicks. Make your music move with effects patterns that sync to your song – or trigger them in any rhythm with MIDI and new Audio Triggering.

Use ShaperBox to turn bland melodies into unique variations. Cook up fresh ear candy from even the most basic samples. Warp the fabric of time with half-speed slooow-downs, glitches, stutters and scratches. Sidechain with total flexibility across three frequency bands. Warp, distort, bitcrush, filter, pan, flange, widen, add noise… And so much more. It’s the ultimate plugin for modern mixes and infinite inspiration.

Break out of the loop
No more waiting for inspiration to strike! Create endless variations on any sound with a browser that makes it easy to find the presets you need. Chop, glitch, stutter, warp, enhance and much more.

Make your music move
Bring out the emotion in your songs with easy drawable LFO waveforms, reactive envelope followers and new audio triggering. Create rhythmic effects that react to your music – or stamp a whole new groove on it.

Solve complex mix problems
Sculpt your sound in incredible detail with 3-band multiband for every effect. Apply focused enhancement – or erase problem elements of your mix. It’s complex mixing made easy.

CableGuys ShaperBox 3 Full version CableGuys ShaperBox 3 Full version CableGuys ShaperBox 3 Full version CableGuys ShaperBox 3 Full version CableGuys ShaperBox 3 Full version
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  1. Adam
    5 May 2024 16:33

    The license file doesn't work. 

  2. tony
    14 May 2024 17:56

    they ask me for password wheres password?

    1. Batman
      17 May 2024 17:59


  3. Brandon
    25 May 2024 20:57

    Installed successful but plug in is nowhere to be found

    MY BAD! I said it didnt appear, but all I had to do was restart my mac! Works Fine thanks

  4. jakob
    14 June 2024 22:26


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    18 June 2024 15:32


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    mirko meffe
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    30 June 2024 13:57


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